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• 11/27/2017

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• 4/2/2014

Character page Creation, Format and Design

Hi and good day to you my fellow fans of Hxh ^-^. Now I don't know if this massage here will be read but regardless here i go...

cricket sounds*
About character creation and design... i've been browsing the wiki for almost a week now and i have to say i very much like the overall feel of the wiki (most of the arcticles on the fanon characters are in my opinion nigh-authentic). The attention to detail in some of the pages (Max, Gin's to name a few) are quite good. The way the pages were formatted and layed out: from the character names (and their kanji form), the nen abilities of some, to images used to represent what is being conveyed (whether the characters appearance or his ability) are well thought out  and selected that i can help but admire it every time. With this in mind, i strive to meet those same standards that i grew fond of. However, i find it very hard to do so.
One of the challenges i currently face is the selection of the images that i can use to represent the abilities i have in mind. I noticed that the images used in this wikia either came from a manga or an anime. I don't know enough manga, i watch anime though but that doesnt make image selection any easier. Its actually easier for me to use other non-manga/anime image from the net but it i'd rather not because i want to conform to the format already established. That brings me to the question of how do you look for the fitting image for your characters? I mean do you google a keyword and pair it with the word manga (e.x sword+manga?) to arrive at the images that befit what you seek or are you already familiar with many manga thats why selection of and image is easy for you?
TL;DR - How do you seek out the manga images that befit your character and his abilities? Any manga title suggestion that you can give so i can find images that i can use on my character?
This became longer that i intended it to be but if you read up to this point here then thanks, hopefully you know a manga or two that has what i need :D
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• 12/24/2013


why is the format on the page so weird
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• 8/22/2013


Hello, everyone! Just wanted to update you all on the new features of the wiki!

We now have a new background;
The first community policies were added for new users;
We also have a Manual of Style;
The Character Infobox now has a "hairc" and "eyesc" section to complete with the name of the color of your character's eyes and hair. For a very large list of colors and the usable names, go here: Help:Color. If you can't use a color name (like "lightblue"), use its Hex code, with an "#" before it (like "#ADD8E6").
The founder, bureaucrat, administrator and chat moderator positions now have custom names in the user's profile.
I've removed the achievements feature in the wiki because there's not really much of a point for it at the moment. If it is demanded, it may come back in the future.
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