"I will not fight those I do not hate. I will not acknowledge those who I don't know. I will not chat with my enemy. If I fight, I kill."

— Gram's "Vow"




Also Known As

Goat Demon (ヤギ悪魔, Yagi Akuma)


Male Male

Hair Color


Eye Color







Chimera Ant Queen (Mother)
Chimera Ant Nest (Siblings)




Masochism (自虐, Jigyaku lit. Inflicting Damage to Oneself)
Screaming Bloody Murder (叫ぶ血殺, Sakebu Chimetsu)
Ouma (王魔, King of Demons)

 Gram (グラム, Guramu lit. Wrath) is a Chimera Ant born with the characteristics of a goat, and belonged to a Chimera Ant nest that was destroyed by Hunters during it's weakest state, killing the Queen and the remaining soldiers. However, Gram was the only survivor, having hid whilst his brethren were hunted down and killed. He now wanders aimlessly, searching for a new nest, or preferably, a new goal.



"I don't hate people. I just find them insignificant. That's normal, right? I mean, they're annoying, useless, pointless, really. No need for me to bother with them, right? Right? I just find them a waste of time, that's all."

— Gram talking to himself.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Enhanced Strength:

Immense Speed

  • Immense Leg Strength:

Immense Endurance:

Immense Durability:

Nen AbilityEdit

Gram's Nen Type: Enhancement
Masochism (自虐 Jigyaku lit. Inflicting Damage to Oneself)
Memetaa2 Gram's first and most commonly used "Hatsu" is "Masochism". His aura reacts to the pain he recieved, and by how much, and what type of pain it is, enhances his abilities. The more physical pain from battle he recieves, the more powerful he grows. While no real physical changes occur to him, he does gain a noticeable boost in strength. While his natural strength and speed is already above average, it only further increases when recieving pain, becoming so fast that the unaided eye cannot follow him, and so strong he can crush a boulder with one hand, and stop most attacks with ease, as well as send powerful blows of pure air pressure that can break through walls without physical contact. However, it comes with the cost that his stamina depletes faster, especially by the fact that his strength increases via physical pain, which only further depletes his stamina. Gram also becomes severely weakened after battle as a result, at times causing his movements to slow down, or for him to become incapable of even moving for a few hours, leaving him a sitting duck for others to kill.


  • Gram's appearance is based off of Aegiochusmon from Digimon.
  • In Norse mythology, Gram was a sword used by Sigurd to slay a Dragon named Fafnir.
    • Additionally, if one removed the "G" from the name, it becomes "Ram". Despite goats and rams being different animals.

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