Juji Kabane
Juji Kabane


Manga Debut



Male Male


40 (Hunter Exam)

43 (Time-Skip)




180 lbs


October 31st

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Eye Color

Dark Brown

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Kyoya Kabane (Son)




God of Destruction

Juji Kabane is the father of Mako Kabane and the leader of the terrorist and criminal organization Anarchy Rain.




Immense Strength: Juji is capable of opening the heaviest of the Zoldyck gates with only only one hand.

Immense Speed: Juji is fast enough to dissapear from the human eye and reappear in a matter of seconds.

Immense Aura: Juji's aura reserves are off the charts. When he releases it via Ren, his enemies are scared into a terrified paralysis. Even Isaac Netero, the most powerful Nen User at the time was shocked by the amount of aura Juji had.

Natural Talent: From the time he first learned Nen when he was twelve, it was shown that he had a natural talent for Nen far beyond anyone ever seen. This is shown especially when he became a Specialist at age 35. This is especially impressive because Emitters are very unlikely to become Specialists because of how far they are from the Specialization category on the Nen Chart.


Juji Kabane has mastered all of the basics of Nen and five of the advanced with the exception of En.


Juji changed the color of the water in the glass during his water divination, so he is an Emitter (放出系, Hōshutsukei). An affinity for Emission means that a user is capable of controlling the deployment of their aura while separating it from their body. Juji created a giant entity made out of aura that he calls, The One True God.

Years later, Juji took the Water Divination test again and a completely different effect happened. In his case, he caused the water in the glass evaporated, meaning he had became a Specialist (特質系, Tokushitsukei), this doesn't mean he can no longer uses his Emission abilities to the fullest, but means he can also use Specialist-like abilities.He created an ability he calls Aura Drain

Juji Kabane's Nen Type: Specialization
Type: Emission and Manipulation God of Destruction (お姉系激昂女(ブラック・スティレット) Destruction God)
The One True God
"God of Destruction" is the ability of Juji Kabane. Juji emits a giant humanoid entity to surround around himself or in front of himself to attack for him. Juji uses Manipulation to control the entity and make it move by waving his arms or ordering it to attack. He can also hide it using In, though he only does that when his opponent is hiding from him.
Type: Emission and Transmutation Divine Arrows of Destruction (お姉系激昂女(ブラック・スティレット) Holy Arrows of the Gods)
One True Arrow
Juji creates a bow and arrow in the God of Destruction's hands and makes the motion of using a bow and arrow, while the God of Destruction pulls back the aura bow and arrow. Juji then "releases the arrow" and the God of Destruction releases the actual arrow at the target and the arrow explodes on impact. Causing massive damage.
Type: Emission Sacred Jewels of Destruction (お姉系激昂女(ブラック・スティレット) Holy Jewels)
Sacred Jewels
Juji emits a six giant jewel shaped aura from the God of Destruction. He then launches the six jewels at his opponent, the jewels then explode upon intact.
Type: Emission and Manipulaton Body of God (お姉系激昂女(ブラック・スティレット) Body of God)
God's Body
Rather then using the full God of Destruction, he chooses to emit only certain body parts of the God of Destruction. Such as the arm, leg, rib cage etc. Just like the actual God of Destruction he can manipulate these body parts.
Type: Emission and Manipulation The One True God (おすべてを破壊する力を持つ彼(ブラック・スティレット) He with the power to eliminate everything)
The One True God
Juji's God of Destruction evolves and gains a tengu-like nose, wings for flight, and is clad with robes and armour. It also gains four large aura-swords to attack with.
Type: Specialization Aura Drain (お姉系昂(ブラック・ィレット) Life-Force Theft)
"Aura Drain" is the ability of Juji Kabane. Juji grabs his opponent by the throat and starts absorbing their life force. Not only does he gain a greater amount of Aura permanently, but he also temporarily gains the type of aura of the person he absorbed. So if he drains enough Aura from an Enhancer, he temporarily gains an enhancer-like aura. All of the aura he drains ends up becoming part of his own aura, increasing it.