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Launce (ランス Ra-n-su) is a recurring character of the fanon series of Hunter × Hunter. An ingenious computer programmer and a notorious hacker, he passed the 297th Hunter Examination much to the surprise of many given his lacking physical condition at that time.

A Hacker Hunter turned Blacklist Hunter, Launce is currently hidding somewhere in Yorknew City.


Launce is a very slim young man, albeit a little short for his age. He has black messy hair and ash grey eyes that have dark shadows below them, a result of him always staying up late at night. Launce prefers to wear blue jean trousers and white long-sleeved polo shirts.


When Launce was about six (6) years old he and his family went to Whale Island to visit his great grandfather who worked there as a fisherman. During the festivities that took place that night, Launce accidentally wandered deep into the woods on his own and got lost. His parents together with the rest of the village and his great grandfather, found him two days later curled inside a cave. There he was seen lying in a fetal position, whimpering helplessly in pain as his body burned with high fever. Bitten by what the locals call as the 'Weeping Nightmare' (a species of snake native in that part of the island) Launce miraculously held on to dear life for two days.

Launce was immediately taken to a nearby clinic so as to be treated. However because the venom had already taken its toll on the young boy's body, Launce was left with a severely weakened constitution - his vital organs, primarily his heart and kidneys withstood what happened but became too weak. He was bed ridden for the rest of his early childhood.

Though he eventually made full recovery (only after reaching late adolescence), the incident greatly influenced how he lived his life. Being bed ridden meant he could not go outside and live life like normal kids do. Instead he opted to play computer games on his bed day in and day out.

At a very young age Launce proved to be very proficient in his use of computers even if he lacked formal training. At age thirteen (13) he already developed his own operating system along with five (5) computer programs he made exclusively for himself.

(work in progress)



Nen AbilitiesEdit

Launce is an experienced Specialist whose set of skills he named Virtual Viper (バーチャル まむし).

Launce Versi's Nen Type: Specialist
Virtual Viper (ヘビ ソフトウェア(バーチャル まむし) Serpent Software)
Vitual Viper As a specialist, Launce makes use of his extensive knowledge about computers and their programming to aid him in any situation. His signature ability "Virtual Viper" projects his aura into a weightless and compact semi-sentient supercomputer in the form of a translucent visored helmet that sports long serpentine cables that inadvertently fade out of view as if connecting to an unseen server or network from far away.

When activated Launce gains the ability to remotely access any electronic device within 30 meters and have full unbridled access to the internet whenever and wherever he may be. His perception and cognitive abilities are also speed up by a factor of ten (10) making him proccess information at superhuman speeds.  

Type: Specialization, Manipulation and Transmutation Venom Virus (データ 上書きする(ベノム ウイルス) Data Overwrite)
Venom Virus is Launce's most favored nen ability. By tapping into his most harrowing childhood experience that almost cost him his life and his remarkable knowledge on programming and cyber terrorism, Launce transmutes his aura to mimic two characteristics he greatly esteems: (1)the lethal properties of snake venom and (2)the complex versatility of computer programs and viruses.

Depending on Launce's intent or purpose, he can use Venom Virus to simply immobilize, torture, or kill a target by shutting down the function of their organ systems - exactly the same way snake venom works.

Additionally, Launce can use Venom Virus to carry and pass unique qualities unto others which he can use to selectively "overwrite" a target's specific characteristic, function, or property. This allows Launce to freely refashion the very nature of anything around him including the nen abilities of others provided he meets the following important conditions:

  • Venom Virus must come into contact with its target.
  • Launce must have a fair idea about the nature of his target and must specifically define what it is that he wishes to overwrite or change. The more complex the target the more time he needs to effect change unto the target.
  • Lastly, Launce must maintain a distance of not more than 30 meters away from his target. Beyond that range, any effect from Venom Virus is dispelled.
Type: Specialization, Manipulation and Enhancement System Overclock (作用 オーバードライブ(システム オーバークロック) Function Overdrive)

System Overclock augments Launce's already inhuman speed of thought to extremely dangerous levels. By focusing on a task that he needs accomplished, Launce's mind and body is lulled into a serene calm as he pushes himself to his uttermost limit. This ability gives him speed not only with how fast he thinks but also with how fast he can move his body. This ability also enables him to perform multiple mental tasks with exceptional ease thus exponentially increasing his work output. The downside of this ability however is that it uses all of Launce's stamina.  

Another disadvantage of this ability is that it makes use Enhancement, a nen type that Launce is least proficient with leaving him doubly exhausted even more.  


  • Launce must state the task that needs to be accomplished. The scope and limitation concerning the task must be specified as well.
  • Launce may not use this ability beyond the task that was specified. Doing so would result in death.
  • Launce must also specifically state the amount of time he thinks he needs to complete the task.
  • So long as the task is not accomplished this ability will remain active and only in the completion of the said task will this ability will cease to take into effect. However, for every second that elapses beyond Launce's specified time the same amount of time will be deducted to the his life span.
Type: Materialization Bastion of the Adamantine Hardware (ギガ シェル(流血の ハードウェア) )
Type: Specialization and Emission Complete Scan
Type: Specialization and Manipulation System Restore

System Restore is a self-regulating Nen ability that Launce programmed deeply into Virtual Viper that allows him to perfectly revert his condition to that of a previous time. By creating restore points that contain vital information about himself and his abilities; every injury, disability, or restriction he has suffered in the past ten minutes is reflexively made undone.

However, to ensure the infallibility of this ability, Launce placed the following conditions and restrictions:

  • System Restore needs a one minute respite after every activation.
  • Launce may choose to dismiss the one minute restriction aforementioned and activate System Restore manually however every time he does this the same amount of time will be deducted to System Restore's "ten-minute range".
  • System Restore shuts down if its range of time ever reaches zero and can only be used again after 24 hours.

Other SkillsEdit

  • Computer Programming
  • Hacking
  • Playing Chess
  • Playing Poker
  • Reading Backwards





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