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Magic (魔法, Mahō), Is an ability that is rarely seen in the world. Those whom have learned to use it are known as Mages and Mages whom are also hunters are referred to as Spell Hunters. It require's one to learn all five types of Aura to use. By synchronizing one's Aura with the Akashic Records and mixing it with physical energy from the body and environment, one is able to utilize Mana, an energy used in Magic Spells that can appear in all living things as well as in the atmosphere and Ley Lines within the earth but is usually dormant and unused.


Mana is the Magical energy that permeates all of the natural world and the celestial heavens. In order to use this mystical energy, one requires to have skill in all five types of Aura. Mana can be used by Synchronizing one's Aura with the Akashic Records. Out of all Nen users in the world only a mere 10% have been known to have achieved such a feat. As a result Mana simply lies dormant in most living beings. Mana is required to cast any and all spells, once a person runs out of Mana they will have to wait until their body gathers and produces more. Mana is a Mixture of Nen and Physical Energy, these two mix and transform into mana when one synchronizes their aura to the Akashic Records.

Ley LinesEdit

Ley Lines are a grid of Magical Conduits that wrap around the entire planet. These hold the purest raw sources of Mana on the planet and have 12 Hot spots around the globe including the north and south poles. The hot spots are areas where this source of Mana flows out into the atmosphere as well as into and out of the planet's core. These ley lines are also said to connect to other planets and the sun via the earth's core and to other solar systems via the sun. It is theorized that all stars are also linked to the galactic center and all galaxies are linked together via these conduits as well. However, because no one has been off world before, no one knows the full extent to how far the ley lines go outside the Solar System.

Known SpellsEdit

Forbidden SpellsEdit

List of Known MagesEdit

List of Known Spell HuntersEdit


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