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Triple Star Hunter Chairman
  • I live in the Grand Line
  • My occupation is Revolutionary
  • I am the strategist of the Revolutionary Army!
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  • Hello, I have a character in mind that I want to create, but I'd like for you to review him after he is finished because I'm not entirely sure if his abilities are too haxed.

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  • Hey david my name is rodney and i am here to propose a few characters i think will make great characters for a wiki page or story 



    Profession:terrorist hunter 

    Looks:tall,muscular lean build with waist length hair.attire consists of black & white jacket with mysterious symbol& baggy sweat pants 

    Background:Gelbia had a peaceful life when one day when he was 10 a terrorist organization attacked his home & killed his loved one's.consumed by rage he attacked the group but in the process he lost his right arm,overcome by pain & fear for his life he told he was going to die until a hunter fended off the terrorist group and took him from harm. The hunter was so impressed by Gelbia bravery that he decided to make Gelbia his disciple and he taught gelbia how to fight with his condution & the way of nen and being a Hunter. the duo trained for 5 yrs until gelbia decided he would become a hunter so he can get revenge on the group who destroyed his home & to help prevent what happened to him doesnt happen to any else. 



    Environment Control -Gelbia pumps his own Nen into the environment, e.g. the ground, the plants, the trees, and can manipulate them to his benefit, e.g. causing the ground to shake to disturb his opponent, or making trees/plants grow to block an incoming attack. 

    Limits: It's a Nen ability that helps against multiple enemies or in longrange fights. It's not that useful in closerange hand-to-hand fights, and it's also a rather defensive ability, it doesn't give the user any concrete offensive attack power, it's more of a supporting Nen ability. 

    construct -gelbia first transmute has missing arm to take the form of anything that can replicate his missing limb such as a claw,cannon,hammer,etc then he conjures it for whatever purpose he needs it for 

    Limits:Gelbia must have knowledge of the thing he creating 

    guardians -gelbia conjures up 2 guardians to help him in battle 1 guardian takes the form of a beserkerish man meant for offensive purpose while the defensive guardian takes the form of a maiden with a dress with veil attachments on her arms & shoulders. 

    Limits: Can use 1 at a time Time limit to switch is b/w 1-5 mins 

    Ultimate Defense:  user is able to come witth an ability to counter their opponent or come with a strategy for any situation

    limits:The derived counter-Hatsu is only usable for a couple minutes and the user has to be continuously in contact with opponent's Hatsu every couple minutes in order to renew the counter-Hatsu's "license" otherwise it expires and the "account" becomes frozen for a set amount of time before being open to renew again. But the user could own multiple "licenses" at any given moment and the countdown is only active on the one currently in-use.

    Phasing:Gelbia makes himself intangible allow himself to phase through matters  

    Limits:to phase Gelbiamust know the molecular structure & frequency required to phase through




    Description:Tall and muscular,blue eyes,silver hair 

    Atttire:jacket with arrow pointing in all directions,jeans,boots 

    personality: very outgoing loves having company of has journey 


    Ellis has 3 nen abilities has in combination with each other,

    shadow walk 

    ellis emit his aura to take of a nen silhoutte of himself to help him plan out possible course of action in any situation 

    limits: can use the ability 3 times before 30 min cool down 

    Light and Dark 

    Ellis has nen take 2 forms a light and dark spirit 

    Light:lion which has 3 main abilities(mirror to deflect attack,roar used to purify or heal injuries or restore broken things, transmute into sun to burn enemies within 20 meters radius) 

    Dark:Bat which has the ability to erase anything it can touch with its wings, emits tiny balls of aura with the properties of a vacuum, transmute into moon to blind enemies in 20 meter radius: 


    emits nen into his foot which allows ellis to walk on air

    Triple threat

    Ellis create 5 circles with spikes on each side which he uses as shields or as a way to trap his enemies, a nen board uses to help him maneuver around the battlefield and 5 orbs made of metal which he uses for many purpose like 1 is used to create a beam of energy capable destroying structures like mountains with ease, other one is capable of creating a hole with the gravational pull of a black hole         

    Yin & yang

    As Ellis Trump card he create a giant entity with the features of a angel and demon combined with features like a large white ring around its neck &,horns on its head, 4 angelic wings on its back, black & white angelic robe & a demonic lower body such as a tail and foot  




    Description:tall lean well built, black shoulder length hair, brown eyes 

    Attire:Googles, long coat, boots and cargo pants   

    Personality:charismatic, outgoing , friendly 



    Superb hearing & sight:Eloy is able to hear people heartbeat, foot stops, heartbeat. He is also able see a few km away, see lights invisible to the naked eye, and see people nextAction   

    Superb Reflexes: due to special training eloy body is capable of automatically reacting to any threat or attack without thought. with his immense reflexes can be used to  both attack and counter. dueu to the fact his body moves without though he is free to strategize and with proper judgement,can dodge a array of attack,even when weakened.

    Enhanced strength: being an enhancer Eloy contains a fair amount of strength & endurance being able to smash boulders with little to no effect and durable enough to take a great deal of punishment like being hit by a Ko strike with moderate damage.

    Enhanced speed: Eloy has a great deal of speed being able to create afterimages, reach speed of mach 10 and move faster than the eye can see.

    Genius-level intellect: possessing a high IQ Eloy is a very intelligent person being able to come up for ideas for any situatuons, know how use abilities in the right situation and is even able to combine them to create new techinques 


    Mastermind: Eloy enhances his cognitive functions using it a higher capacity allow to learn a accelerated rate,analysis multiple scenarios, etc   

    Nail gun barrage:Eloy transmute his fist into a nail gun stock up to 50 nail shot   

    Null & void:Eloy first analyze an opponent ability then transmute his aura into a eraser to nullify their ability for 30 sec   

    Absolute defense:emit a 5 meter force field       

    Counter strike: eloy reflect  attacks(magical, physical) with 2x the power         Limits:must see the attack & pattern required to reflect, defensive ability 

    Portal Strike:Eloy create portals to attack enemies from different angle       

    Sixth sense: by sending Nen into his goggles Eloy is able to highlight items of interest or track leftover footprints or traces of Leftover Nen. 

    Limits: requires immense focus so Eloy is unable to use any other abilities,cancels when he close his eyes     

    Eagle eye   

    Description: Eloy is enable to  see another person's body with extreme detail, such as breathing, muscle movements or muscle contractions, body tension, rhythm, sweat, etc. allowing Eloy to predict future movements 

    Limits:requires immense focus to use meaning he can't use his other abilities 


    Eloy transmutes his aura to take the properties of decay allowing him to destroy anything he comes in contact with only by touching it with his 5 fingers      


    Eloy enhances all his bodily functions such as memory,healing,reflexes tenfold, eloy can only maintains this form for only 30 mins b4 a 60 min cooldown      

    Stepping stone/boost

    Eloy makes a seal which he uses to boost his mobility being stepping on propels eloy forward at impresssive speed, Eloy also this ability to boost his power by punching the seal to boost the strength of his attack

    Feel free to make any changes you deem neccesary        

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    • Hello, I'm glad you would like to contribute to the wiki. But you don't need my permission to start editing. Just create a page like it says in the homepage, and make sure you think of good content. :)

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    • the problem is editing the page,thinking of a background & story  and thinking of designs for the characters and their abilities especialy considering all 3 characters have a multitude of abilites 

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    • the problem is editing the page,thinking of a background & story  and thinking of designs for the characters and their abilities especialy considering all 3 characters have a multitude of abilites  any suggestions for help

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    • can i have a favor can u translate the kanji & romanji for these words


      Limit break, Pulverize Absolute defense, Counter Strike, Portal Strike, Sixth sense, Eagle eye, Vaporize, Animal spirit, Guardian

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hey David, been a while. I just had an idea of Nen, but I don't know how to categorize it, hope you can help me. It'll be called Trance and it is basically the ability to put someone in trance (in a relax state) after touching them or pointing their finger like a gun and "firing" a trance bullet in an individual. I was thinking about emission or enhancement (to enhance the focus of someone's mind, but I don't know if the enhancement aura can affect others besides the user), but I'm uncertain. That's it.

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    • Emission, because you are separating your Aura from your body and controlling it. Enhancement is indeed exclusive to the user and/or objects/weapons. However, I'm not sure the relaxation state would require an additional type of Nen. If it would, it's Transmutation. But there are characters, like Melody, whose Emission has soothing powers and are categorized solely as Emission. For that reason, I would leave it up to you if its two types or one.

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    • Ok. Thank you.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Han you help me create a wordmark for my wiki Hunter x Hunter Couples wiki. Plese no offense though .

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Killua
    I just came up with a new wiki [Hunter x Hunter couples] and i want to have a background can you please help me do something with this image. I dont need anyting in the middle. and I prefer to use theme designer. BTW
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    • A FANDOM user
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  • How do you translate Dragnolia

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  • Hi david, I read on your your profile that your good with translation. So i wouldering if you could give me the translation for my character kai's Nen abilities The first one being Auto Rythem( To Sting like a Bee) The Second being Up Tempo  ( The Rampaging Swarm) 

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    • Auto Rhythm (To Sting Like a Bee): オートリズム (蜂みたいを刺す)

      Up Tempo (The Rampaging Swarm): アップテンポ (大暴れ蝟集)

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    • Hi again, do think you help make kai's nen table look more professional? I tried doing it myself but I'm not very good html yet. If you can then a simple black and yellow table would be fine.

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    • Done. You can edit the table easily with the VisualEditor (an option with the arrow below the Edit button), just press where you want to edit and write what you want.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hey dude, got question i hope you can answer... regarding the images for the hatsu of my character, how do I make them occupy the whole space the occupy in the table?

    No matter what i do they always leave out a white space in the space they occupy. Any way i can stretch them to make a perfect fit?

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    • If you're referring to the white space above and below the image, there is nothing you can do about it. The table adapts to the size of the text. You can increase the width of the image, but it will decrease the size for the text, which means it will have to go down, and increase the white areas. You can change the color from white to what you want, if it makes it any better. Just edit the code of the color of the table's image cell.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Can you delete Tera Joō please?

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  • Hi, I'm from Toriko Fan Fiction Wiki and we affiliated with this site, and we changed our word-mark so we're hoping you can update it. New-Wordmark

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