This page is home to a full list of all Nen users, categorized through each Aura type and other particularities.

List of EnhancersEdit

MugMax MugPico MugFrancis
Max Pico Francis Bretss

List of TransmutersEdit

MugTyson MugEuropella MugLluca MugDamon
Tyson Glory Europella Lluca Damon D. Draco

List of ConjurersEdit

MugGin MugBrikks MugKievo Asakura MugCroquette
Gin Byron Kievo Tatsumi Croquette
MugMargot 120px 120px 120px 120px
Margot [[|???]] [[|???]] [[|???]] [[|???]]

List of EmittersEdit

MugAdeline MugNephthys MugDante
Adeline Mell Nephthys Dante D. Draco

List of ManipulatorsEdit

MugCicero MugSyv MugGertha
Cicero Syv Gertha

List of SpecialistsEdit

MugKuna 120px 120px MugDeSade
Kuna Melzhez A. Asahiko De Sade

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