The Oceans are an family of body guard/rescuer/ known to be one of the most dangerous family to exist.

History: Edit

Oceans are Ocean (term used for Family member and their job) hired to perform guard saving and killing task (though assassination is not their forte they kill only if they need to.) They live on The Ocean Manor which is on top of a Collin. The Land have Lake and a vast forest. The Manor seems to have few différents section. Each member are trained since their younger age to melee and martial arts, nen, social and psychological skills. Four of them Arctic, Marin, Navy and Ariel are hunter.

Leaves Feud Edit

Oceans had a feud with the Leaves family until Arctic let Jon Leaves alive. Currently they don't have feud anymore.

== Relationship == Everyone seems to be close to each other. Triton prefer the first ones (Arctic and Navy) spoil them but steel have affection and care for the younger. Kuma who is not related to them being the Family butler seems to be close to Marin Ariel and Arctic.

Triton Ocean Edit

Triton is respected by all members. Navy had asked him advices many times and he is viewed as the wisest member.

Kuma Edit

Kuma had been the family's butler for a long time. She is seen by Marin and Arctic as an mother figure since Kushina's death. Kuma had been the one who will cover up the kids errors, make sure that they can rest eat and that they can be able to socialize.

Arctic Ocean Edit

She is the current leader of the family. She is stated to be the most brutaklly honest out of the First set of twins. Arctic is also shown to be pretty close to the family and loyal. She is stated to be the scariest one.

Marin Ocean Edit

Marin is stated to be the sweetest of the whole family. He is trusted by everyone and he seems to be the best listener.

Navy Ocean Edit

Next leader he fiercly embraces his Ocean heritage. He seems to g care about everyone Ariel in particular. He is the best liar out of them.

Family member

Triton Ocean

Ouragan Ocean

Kushina Ocean

Arctic Ocean

Marin Ocean

Navy Ocean

Ariel Ocean

Mansion The Mansion is known by the family and trusted business partner and friends.

IMG 6550

The Mansion front

IMG 6540

Mansion's final gate

The mansion had two gates the first one give access to the forest and the second to the mansion court.

IMG 6542

First view of the Residence

IMG 6552


IMG 6559


IMG 6554


Arctic room haven't been seen to his full.

IMG 6548

Training zone

IMG 6561

Guest room

Butler Kuma is the family butler the family have a cook and two maids.