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After his parents died he was taken by a strange man who also taught him about nen and discovered his talents. His only purpose is to follow the strange man and to obey to his orders.

Personality Edit

He is full of himself. He thinks he is a king and the others are there only to follow his commands which is explained by the fact that he comes from a very rich family . He only lets the person who saved him to give him orders. He gets mad when his teammates look at him as equals.

Combat Edit

His speed and strength are average.

Nen: Edit

His first ability: Emperor's Rage> Fire aura surrounds his body and protects him from 60% of the damage he would normally take. It can also be used in offensive to destroy everything in the direction where he concentrates.

Meteor Explosion>Large fireball that explodes.

4 pillars of sins> 1st pillar: The first sin is when he forces his body to move even after being defeated,the ability also regenerates every injury as long as the injury is not in the brain.

2nd pillar: The second sin doubles the power of all his abilities and also his speed and strength. When he becomes angry the power can even be tripled.

3rd pillar: The third sin makes his body groy black aura wings coming from his back, the wings can be changed in many forms and can change size. The wings can cut through flesh and bones with ease. The wings regenerate as well after being destroyed.

4th pillar: The fourth sin is waking the dead. As a last resort he can use the 4th pillar to create an army of zombies. This ability only lasts for 5 minutes.

There is also a risk for using the 2nd,3rd and 4th pillars. After using the 2nd pillar the pain he suffers from the enemy is doubled. After using the 3rd pillar his 1st ability won't heal the wounds on his back anymore so the wings must protect the back. After using the 4th pillar he start having hallucinations for 5 minutes.

Quotes Edit

You can make me angry but in exchange be ready to be burnt by my rage.

—To his team.

I'm prepared to be punished for my sins at all times but I really hope I can kill my parents killer first.

—Talking to Takako.

In the end even the most closest friend will betray you if his life is on the line. I don't trust anyone because in the end they are just waiting for the golden opportunity to kill me.

—To his S.T.E.A.L.T.H. teammates