Apperence Edit

Short Blonde Messy Hair With Amber Eyes And Pale Skin. 168cm And 50 kg. Wears A White T-Shirt And Knee Length Green Jacket With Fur Rimmed Hood With Dark Blue Jeans Or A Blue Hoodie Loose Gray Jeans And A Teal Knit Hat

Personality Edit

Shiro Has A Rash And Sarcastic Personality And Is Sometimes Childish And Can Be Stubborn And Ignorant At Times But Is Still Has A Kind And Gentle Side And Will Do Anything To Protect His Friends At The End Of The Day

History Edit

Shiro Rathers Not Talk About His Past Because It Brings Back Bad Memory’s And Shiro Even Has PTSD Due To His Past. He Was Born To A Pour Family And Had A Mother,Father,And Little Brother. His Father Was A Drunk And Abusive And Tried To Run Shiro Over Once And His Father Would Beat His Mother Whenever He Was Angry With Her And One Day His Father Was In A Car Crash And Died. Shiro Didn’t Have Friends Growing Up And Was Always Bullied

Skills And Abilities Edit

Superhuman Strength:Shiro Has Shown To Have Insane Levels Of Strength Capable Of Moveing 16 Tons Or Easley Punching Through A Stone Piller Or Sending Opponset’s Several Times His Size Flying With A Single Strike

Superhuman Speed And Agility:Shiro Greastest Asset In Combat Is His Speed Capable Of Moveing Faster Then The Human Eye Can Trace

Superhuman Durability:Shiro Has An Insanely High Tolerence Pain And Can Fight Even After Being Impaled Or Haveing His Arm Ripped Off

Superhuman Stamina:Shiro Has Immense Reserves Of Stamina And Can Fight For 24 Hours Straight Without Getting Tired

Genus Level Intellegence:When Shiro Was Young He Never Went Outside And He Didn’t Have Any Friends At The Time So He Focused All His Time On Studying And School Work And Even Skipped A Grade

Nen Edit

Shiro Is A Highly Skilled Nen User And Is A Transmutter So He Is Capable Of Transmuteing His Aura And He Uses His Transmutation Abilities To Transmute His Aura Into Swords