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She wan an orphan until she was taken by a strange man that also taught her how to use nen. She is part of the organization named S.T.E.A.L.T.H. an organization with an unknown motive. The only one who calls her Tako is Shinji making fun of her name and making references to either an octopus or the actual food.

Personality Edit

Her personality is not known that well because she only talks when in missions. When she's not in a mission she listens to music or she's dragged by Shinji to help him to something stupid. Other members of the organization think Shinji is the only one who knows her true personality.

Combat Edit

She is not very strong in raw strength but her speed compensates for everything.

Nen. Edit

Using her conjuration powers she makes a phone appear in her hand. With the phone she can do her 2 abilities.

1:Shockwave,a wave of sound is sent from the phone in the direction she points.

2:Heartbeat recorder: After recording one minute of the enemies heartbeat she can use the ability to see the opponent's next moves and predict everything a minute before happening. If she records 2 minutes she can predict everything 2 minutes before happening.

Quotes Edit

Being alone is worse than death. You should try making some friends.

—To Shinji.

You try to act tough but I know you better than the others. And you know me better than the others.

—To Shinji.