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The Illuminati was a powerful organization, responsible for the near destruction of the Hunter Association and was the main antagonist in The Illuminati Arc. The Illuminati was founded 11 years before the start of The Illuminati Arc by Nomura Hideo. The organization had 10 members, all of which were among the most powerful nen users in the world, their leader and founder is seen as the strongest nen user in history, capable of easily defeating 3 single-star hunters. Their goal was to destroy the Hunter Association.

Members Edit

As previously stated the Illuminati had 10 members.

Edward Terry Edit

Edward Terry was one of the stringer members of the Illuminati, Nomura even commented that besides himself, Edward the strongest member was. Not much is known about his backstory, except that he fought in Heaven’s arena when he was 10, before and after that he lived in Swardani city, where he met Tony Richard and Reed Stark. Both of his parents, who didn’t know nen, were killed by Johness the Dissector, since the Hunter Association didn’t want to help for a long time, he’s had a grudge against them. He even thanked Killua after he heard that he killed Johness. He joined the Illuminati at the age of 34. He is always seen wearing a cape, its purpose is unkown.

Nen Edit

In the water divination test Edward Terry changed the taste of the water, meaning he is a transmuter, but he was also very adapt in emission and enhancement techniques. He is said to be one of the strongest transmuters in the world, easily overpowering Silva and Zeno Zoldyck.

Edward Terry’s aura type: Transmutation
Type: transmutation and emission Sorcerer Supreme
Edward Terry‘s ability Sorcerer Supreme, changes the properties of his aura in any way he sees fit. The exact limits of his transmutation abilities are unknown but his aura has been seen with the properties of fire, electricity, a sticky goo-like substance, a circle of light, cristal-like shards, sound, microwaves and several more. He can use this aura in any way he sees fit. The main limitation on his power is that he can’t use it for more than 8 hours before he gets exhausted, which is why the Task Force waited untill Edward Terry was already quite exhausted and then just tried not to get killed for a few hours. After that he was defeated.

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Nomura Hideo Edit

"You may think that I’m an irredeemable criminal, but that does not mean that I would just kill a kid."

— Nomura Hideo

Nomura Hideo was the leader and founder of the Illuminati and one of the strongest nen user to have ever existed, on par with if not stronger than Isaac Netero. Besides his work as a member of the Illuminati he also worked in a restaurant as a waiter. He was a tall brown-haired man in his early 30s. He is overall very friendly and sociable to the point that Gon and Killua were suprised that he was a member of the Illuminati, let alone its founder. He wanted to destroy the Hunter Association because he found it to make society weaker as it made people less likely to act and solve problems on their own and more likely to just wait until a hunter arrives to take care of the problem. Even though he wished to dismantle the Hunter Association, he did not want to harm any children, which is why he didn’t kill Gon and Killua when he served them while they were dining in the restaurant where he worked. Besides being probably the strongest nen user ever seen, he also has extremely fast reflexes, he was able to easily dodge Nicolas’ Karate Pete’s punches. He is physically rather weak in his normal form, though he is without using nen still at a level similar to Gon on Heaven’s arena.

Nen Edit

Nomura Hideo was a skilled nen user belonging to the conjuration type, he was seen using zetsu, ren, hatsu, gyo, ko, shu and ryu. Since he is very capable it is probable he can also use ten, en, ken and in. It is unknown when or how he learned nen, though he must have learned it at a young age from an incredibly skilled teacher. He was able to fight and defeat both Ging Freecs and Pariston Hill at the same time by only using his weakest ability, Golden Spider. He later managed to fight dozens of extremely skilled hunters, the entire Zoldyck family and most of the surviving Phantom Troupe members. Knov even said that if they hadn’t known about his weakness, he probably would’ve won. He also knew a lot about nen and was able to accurately determine the aura types of Killua, Gon, Leorio and Kurapika after just 2 meetings.

Nomura Hideo’s aura type: Conjuration
Type: conjuration Golden Spider
He conjures a golden spider which jumps out of his hand towards enemies, it leaves a yellow trail of aura behind which goes all the way back to his hand, any aura that touches the trail is devastated. The spider and the trail return to him the moment he closes his hand.
Type: conjuration, manipulation, emission, enhancement Chakravartin: First Form
Nomura turns himself into the thing you see in the picture by conjuring a golden halo behind his back, golden robes, 2 scepters and 22 extra arms, giving him a total of 24. Every arm or every pair of arms has its own ability. 1 of his arms emmits a ball of aura, while two other fire beams of aura and another pair can stop aura attacks by letting them go between these hands.

This form’s main disadvantage is that its control over his arms limits his running speed drastically.

Type: conjuration, enhancement, emission, transmutation Chakravartin: Final Form

Nomura uses 1 finger to block Gon’s attack


Nomura’s Aura Knives


He summons a massive ball of aura

In his final form, Nomura covers himself with a black layer of armor which gives of red light in some places, making his face look like a black skull. Above this layer he conjures a silver-like layer, which makes him more closely resemble a human. This form in the strongest nen ability that has ever been seen in Hunter x Hunter. In this form Nomura can use his aura to hover, he can also change the properties of his aura in order to make them like blades and fire them at incredible speed, this technique is called Aura Blades. He is in this technique also able to enhance his body, to the point where he could block Gon’s Rock with a single finger. This form was only seen once: during his final battle. In this battle he fought nearly all the surviving members of the Hunter Association‘s Illuminati Task Force, several of the surviving members of the Phantom Troupe and almost the entire Zoldyck Family, includding Maha Zoldyck. When he accidentally revealed that the one of the limitations he put on his ability is that he couldn’t kill children and that if he did, he would die and the Illuminati would fall apart, Gon wanted to sacrifice himself but Killua pushed him out of the way, still Gon lost 1 of his arms and Killua both his legs. Since there was no way to bring them to a hospital safely and his opponents refused to treat the boys, he broke his vow as it would mean both of them would bleed to death. This caused his ability to deactivate and killed him just several minutes later.

Reed Stark Edit

"You wish to fight me? A member of the Illuminati!"

— Reed Stark after being challenged by Gon

Reed Stark was a member of the Illuminati and is often seen as the weakest member of the organization. He was the first member to be killed. He was friends with Tony Richard and Edward Terry when they were children, he was born in Zaban city, but he grew up in Swardani City where he met Tony Richard and Edward Terry. As an adult he traveled around the world in search for work. He worked at the Southernpiece Auction, later he worked in Heaven‘s Arena where he learned nen. His final job before he joined the Illuminati was as a tour guide in Dolle Harbor. He eventually joined the Illuminati at the age of 38. He originally joined because his childhood friends (Tony Richard and Edward Terry) were members, but he gradually began to accept and adopt the ideology of the organization and its founder. He was one of the members who were responsible for destroying Heaven’s Arena.

Nen Edit

As previously stated, Reed Stark was the weakest member of the organization when it came to nen, nonetheless was he a very powerful nen user, Nicolas even stated he was at the level of a two-star hunter at least. He was naturally an enhancer, but also learned manipulation techniques. He was seen suing ren, hatsu, ryu and gyo. It is probable he also knows most if not all of the other techniques. He originally learned nen in Heaven’s Arena from a fighter there: Zuro Timura.

Reed Stark’s aura type: Enhancement
Type: enhancemen, manipulation Stretch
Reed Stark uses his aura to enhance the stretchability of his limbs or body along with their strength. He does not create anything which is why his limbs become thinner the more he stretches, his limit is 20 meters (65 feet).

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